“A Million Reasons” Cover by Lady Gaga

Hey Everyone! This is going to be my first karaoke post. Let me know what you think and keep requesting songs guys!!


“How Far I’ll Go” Cover (Moana)

Hey Everyone. Sorry for the very late post. This song is from the movie Moana and it has an incredible soundtrack so please take a listen and I hope you enjoy this song!

My Summer Vacation

This summer vacation has been filled with adventure, joy, and love. I’m so happy my grandparents stayed with us for the summer. Now you’re all probably wondering what I did. We started our summer with going to Virginia for my cousin’s high school graduation. Since all of my cousins live far away from us, it was awesome to have a small reunion as well. Then when I thought the summer would just be sleeping in, my parents took us to an awesome waterpark in Pennsylvania. There were some pretty awesome rides there. A few days after we got back, my mom surprised my grandmother by renting out a lake house in Ledyard, CT for her birthday. IT…WAS…AWESOME! It was a simple house on the lakeside. It was so beautiful.  I made a lot of memories there such as catching 3 fish!!. I’m happy I could have an amazing time with an amazing family. For my grandma’s birthday, we got her a strawberry shortcake and chocolate eclairs as birthday presents. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said all she wanted was to be with her family wherever she was. Hope you had a great birthday Grandma! An amazing person like you deserves an amazing birthday.



Now it’s September, but the party hasn’t ended yet. On September 8th we are going to a Beyonce concert and on September 16 we are going to an Adele concert. This summer was made possible by my amazing family. Nobody could be more loving than my awesome family!




My Grandparents

My Grandparents

I can not begin to describe how amazing my grandparents are. After all, I have them to thank for my existence. They also raised my amazing beautiful mother. They live in Delhi, India giving me an excuse to leave the country. What more could I ask for? My grandmother is an excellent knitter and an excellent mother. Every time I am upset,  she always tries to calm me down. She generally loves children. When my sister and I were babies, she knit us blankets that we still have with us today. She would always knit our the children in our family blankets too. Unlike my grandfather, she actually plays Subway Surfers with me (she is an expert!). My grandfather is an amazing artist.He is always asking me to go and show him some art videos on youtube. As a child, he would always play with me. He also is OBSESSED with his iPad. Since I am also OBSESSED with technology, it gives me an opportunity to teach him how to use different things. He is also very protective. I have this one memory of when we were living in Westford, MA. We were watching a movie and I felt an itch in my ear. I reached and touched where the itch was to find a hornet in my ear. As I touched it, It stung me on my finger. I yelped out in pain and when my grandfather realized what happened, he chased the bee with a shoe and finally smacked the bee to the floor. My hero! As you can see, my grandparents are the most loving, caring, affectionate, and amazing people I know. I am so lucky to have such amazing grandparents.