High School

Today was the day that my sister found out her high school.My sister was waiting outside my school as I nervously walked up to her.

“What school did you get into?”,I impatiently asked.

“I got into Nest”, She replied.

I was so proud of her. Nest was her second choice. The school is very small which makes the chance of getting in even harder but my sister got in. I wasn’t surprised. Every day I see her working hard to be a better student.She gets amazing grades as well. Nest is also a gifted and talented school.The one thing that was a little stressful for her was that her friends didn’t get in the same school.

“We should all celebrate!”

Later that day, Our friends Anja and Vernon came over to congratulate her.They came with a big cake. We had a big feast and celebrated together.My parents and Anja and Vernon haven’t met in a long time so it was also a little reunion for them. My sister felt a little relieved to have to stop worrying about high schools anymore. I am so proud of my sister.


My Sister on Guitar



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