My Day

As I pulled myself out of bed, I picked up my book and read for half an hour. Nobody else was awake. My father was sick and had a high fever and my mom was with him to make sure he would be okay. I was really hungry but I didn’t know what to eat. We had leftover soup from last night but there was only enough left for one person and I wanted to save it for my dad. I went to my parents bedroom to say good morning to them. Sansa, my puppy, greeted me by throwing on to the floor and licking my face all over. I stayed with them for 10 mins and then I left. As soon as I enter the living room, I see my sister eating the last bowl of the soup.

“That was for daddy!”, I angrily shout. She just stares at the bowl of soup and shrugs continuing to eat her soup. So much for my dad being able to have some.

25 minutes later, my sister goes up to my parents and says she wants to go to Chinatown and buy Pocky’s. Pocky’s are these chocolate sticks and just because she is craving them, she wants to go to Chinatown by herself. The weather outside was super cold but all she cared about was buying Pocky’s. Then my parents made her also buy pork buns, noodles, sponge cakes, and other things. Later in the day, while Arya is chilling in Chinatown, My parents and I are having a serious, harsh argument about a math problem.  A really weird topic to scream about.

Later that day, Arya comes home with 5 full bags of Chinese food and about 8 boxes of Pocky’s. We had a lot of Chinese food that day. This is what happened in the last 24 hours.


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