Do kids really need Facebook?


Is Facebook really the best idea for your child? Your child is entering a world full of danger by signing up for this Website. As a parent, are you willing to put your child on the risky side??? Now let’s dig in a little bit on these dangers…

First of all, your child could be cyber bullied. About 54% of Young people using Facebook have reported being cyber Ā bullied. Your child can be harassed,tortured,or embarrassed because of this website Also, 20% of Young People using Facebook are being cyber bullied on a Daily Basis. This is one reason why Facebook is a dangerous website for kids!

Secondly,People can see your child’s information. Say I was a complete stranger and looked up the name “Charlie Brown” Now, I would be able to cause a lot of danger to Charlie since I can view his Contact Information. If I was a parent, I would never want to put my child under that danger.

Lastly, kids might see thinks that are too inappropriate based on their age limit. Some post might have bad content that your child should DEFINITELY not see! You don’t want to get a bad image in your child’s head. They also might pick up some bad language.

Now you can understand what a risky, scary path your child would have to escape all because of a Social Media Website. If you really want your child to socialize through Social Media, you should start of with Instagram!




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