A Glance At The City


Today, I’m here to give you guys “A Glance At The City”. New York is full of Wonderful Attractions that you will learn about by reading this blog. It is a great place to explore and be around. Now, let’s learn a little more about this Fascinating City,OK!

Let’s start of by talking about some of the most Amazing Attractions in NYC!! Here are 5 great places to visit:

  1. Central Park
  2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art/The Met
  3. SoHo
  4. Broadway
  5. Times Square

Central Park:

This Park is one of the biggest parks out of all the boroughs.It is very kid-friendly.There is a Carousel that children could play and have fun with. This park also has an Ice Rink during the winter for you and your family to use.This park is a Great Attraction when visiting NYC!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art:

This is a great place to go to when you are in NYC. Every time I go to the Met, I leave having a new question/wonder about Art. To be honest with you, I find most museums boring but when I go to the Met, I stay focused on all of the Art they have to share! The met has things from Ancient Artwork to Modern Artwork. This is a great place to explore when in NYC!


This place has been a fashionable district even since the 1850s. Soho offers things like Museums,Malls,Hotels,Fancy Restaurants, and MUCH MORE! Soho actually stands for South of Houston.My sister is a BIG fan of shopping. A couple of days ago she told us she wanted to go to Soho to buy  “pens”. Soho has tons of things for people who need some new clothing or just if they want to buy anything in general!


Broadway is located in “Times Square”. They have incredible shows of theater. For example, Annie is a big Broadway Show. People from around the world come to see these spectacular Shows. They also have Dance Performances on Broadway. If you want to add some “Drama” to your life in NYC then Broadway is the perfect place for you!

Times Square:

This is one of my Favorite Places to go to in NYC. Did you know that about 330,000 people visit Times Square DAILY? Times Square has a lot of fun activities not only for Adults. Times Square has an M&M building where your kid/kids can play M&M games, and fill their stomachs with that chocolate delight! In 2011, Times Square had just became 100% smoke free. If you are caught smoking, you will get fined.

Now you know what a great place New York is to visit! I hope you leave this article knowing about how Fascinating a Place like this could be!!!

I hope you Follow my Blog. I hope this isn’t the last time you visit this website!!!


The New Yorker,






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