Meet My PARENTS!!!


Meet my Mom…

My mom is an AMAZING person! She could be a model when she grows up! She was born gorgeous. She was a singer in college so I must have got some of my love of singing from her.Also, she does a lot for me and my sister to keep us happy and make us good people when we grow up.(I LOVE YOU MOM)

Meet my Dad…

I love my dad so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also shares a love of music. He plays the guitar and sings to. He is Amazing when it comes to music. He also is a great cook. I keep telling him we should make a restaurant one day. Like my mom, he will do ANYTHING to keep me and my sister happy. (I LOVE YOU DAD)

Altogether, my parents are wonderful human beings. They will always love me and I will always love them.

Love you guys,


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